My Switch To Linux ~ From A Long-Time Windows User

As long as I can remember, I have been using Windows my whole life. From the first time ever I used a computer, which had Windows 7 (yes I miss those widgets), to me using a computer in my school computer lab, to 23/10/2021 when I last used Windows before switching. Don’t get me wrong, I still use Windows which I’ll talk about as we move forward into this article.

Image by u/AndyCuccaro on Reddit

Installation Process

The distro I wanted to switch to was Kubuntu. The process was kind hard, I think so, but thanks to the help of my Dad’s super techie friend, who helped in installing. So first try, it didn’t work because it was an old version of Ubuntu, I waited till the next Sunday when he could come again. After the long wait, the process finally began and it took some time, but it worked.

First Impressions

My actual first reaction/impression was like “Woah, this looks like Windows but is not Windows”

And obviously the first thing I did was… You guessed it (hopefully)… Install Chrome via FireFox.

And it really was like using Internet Explorer to install Google Chrome, which to this day I think is its only use.

And so Installing Google Chrome was HARD. Like I was like “I just wanna install Google Chrome help” so we called my Dad’s friend who was about to leave to ask him how to install it, so we both sat down, and did some research and I found this article that showed how I could do it.

And with a sigh of relief, he left for home and I happily started experimenting with Kubuntu.

Thoughts On Linux

The thoughts I have on this penguin is mixed, like I can divide this into pros and cons, so lets begin:


  1. SUPER easy to install some stuff.

Like if I wanted to install GIMP, all I need to do is pop open that terminal and type

$ sudo apt install gimp

That was it, now GIMP was being installed and would be done in like less than a minute. Compared to Windows, you needed to head to the browser, go to the GIMP website, find the version, wait for it to download and finally configure and install it with the setup wizard. This would definitely take a lot of time.

2. More freedom.

Now you’d be wondering how can one get more freedom than in Windows… Well meet Linux, in Linux, you have a global theme you can change. In this case I have the macOS theme, which I’ll show the setup in detail later.

Global theme. Image belongs to the author.

This one global theme changes everything: theme, icons, cursor etc.

3. Good community.

The Linux community is one of the friendliest I have known, like I have got tons of help from them and they would be glad to help everyone!


  1. Compatibility issues.

The biggest con and complaint I have with Linux is compatibility issues. For example, if I needed to edit a video on Filmora X, I can’t because Filmora X doesn’t have support for Linux.

So I need to boot Windows to edit on Filmora X (I use a partition for Linux and Windows)

But I can easily fix this with Wine (Wine helps your run Windows apps on Linux), so yeah.

2. No more cons.

Yep that’s all the cons.

My setup

So as promised, here is my macLinuxOS setup.


My Konsole and Files theme

Wrapping up, I thank you very much for reading this article, see you again soon!

Note: I have no hate to Windows, I just prefer Linux :)



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