Should you buy an iPhone? This article will help you decide

Apple has been one of the companies dominating the phone market, and if you have wondered if you should buy an iPhone, but can’t decide, this article is for you.

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iOS is pretty different from Android (or other OS’), but iOS is really clean and it should be really easy for you to understand.

iOS uses a different store: the App Store. The App Store contains many apps and games specific to iOS, but also contains many apps from all platforms. The App Store may not contain many Android games and apps so that’s something you should be aware of.

A pretty good thing about iOS is that it gets about 4–6 years of software support, that means an iPhone bought in 2020 will get support for up to iOS 18–19.

One more thing: iOS doesn’t allow side-loading, i.e; installing modded apps like YouTube Vanced.


Apple’s Ecosystem is one of the well-known things about the company. The Apple Ecosystem is best in its class. For example: if you have a Mac or iPad, you have got yourself a universal clipboard. So if you copy something on your Mac, you can paste it on your iPhone! How cool is that?

Apple also have their own entertainment services, which include:

~Apple Music

~Apple TV+

~Apple Arcade

And much more.

Wrapping up

To wrap up this article, at the end of the day its your choice, I hope this article may have helped you make your decision. It is all about preferences. If you are still unsure, watch YouTube videos about Apple, or go to a near-by Apple Store and hold and use an iPhone and make your decision.

Please note that I’m not at all in anyway biased or associated with Apple, I’m just an Apple Fan. Please do not consider this as a biased article, I just want to help people discover iOS and show them about it. This article is not made to make fun of other OS’. This is just a friendly article :).

Thank you so much for reading this article, I really appreciate it! Get in touch with me on my website, or find me on Twitter :).

See you soon!



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