What will be the transport of the future?

The world currently has a lot of vehicles, most of which produce smoke. If this goes on for a long time, it is not gonna be very nice. The future of transport is electric and solar vehicles.

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Electric Cars

Electric cars will definitely be bought and used by more and more people in the future. Electric cars don’t produce smoke, they can be plugged into a socket and be charged overnight, like how one plugs in their phone, its as easy as that.


Tesla is a brand dominating the electric car industry. Why you ask me? Good question.

Tesla has implemented an auto-pilot system to their cars, which means that the car can drive itself! And currently Tesla is testing FSD (Full Self Driving), this means that you can just find a place on the map and the Tesla will drive itself to that location! No handling required. One more great feature is smart-summon. Imagine that you are waiting outside a shopping market, and you don’t wanna walk to your Tesla which is parked at a distance, what do you do? Ha, since you own a Tesla, open the Tesla app and press and hold that big “Summon” button; voilà, the car comes to you! How cool is that?

Also, Tesla’s are CRAZY fast, like the Tesla Model S Plaid hits 0–100kph in 1.99 seconds! It’s also the quickest production car ever made!

“Sustainable energy cars can be the fastest cars, be the safest cars, gonna be the most kick-ass cars in every way.” ~ Elon Musk

Overall, Tesla and electric vehicles will definitely be the future of transport.


Image credit: Business Insider

Solar vehicles, just like electric vehicles are really good for the environment.

Solar vehicles are being made and will be ready in the next couple of years.

They are what they sound like: they use a solar panel and take energy from the sun to power.

This is a really brilliant idea, and I can’t wait for all of this to be made!

Wrapping Up

To wrap this article up, solar and electric vehicles are the way to go :)


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